Canadian visa obtainment

We categorically specialize in Canadian visa obtainment. Specializing makes us more focused on helping our revered clients solve numerous cases involving visa application as well as appealing rejections. This sets us apart from other companies out there that are jack of all trades and masters of none.

We have years of experience analyzing and processing application forms whereby we have learnt from both our mistakes and various clients’ mistakes. We have capitalized on this vast experience to provide our clients with a unique service that is customized according to every client’s needs. We have relevant experts at our beck and call and can be able to pin-point with precise accuracy what exactly needs to be done for a given client’s visa application to go through successfully. Visa rejections need not be a nightmare anymore for our clients. We have the necessary expertise to analyze what exactly transpired and ultimately led to the rejection. We then guide the client on a new visa application that is always a guaranteed success. Needless to say, we can proudly claim to be the best in the industry as our top-notch services speak for themselves.

What do we do for you to get the visa?

  1. First and foremost, we scrupulously examine all the data you provide us and give recommendations on what to do to maximize your chances of having a successful visa application. Honesty is the best policy and with that we are quick to notify a client who has next to zero chances of getting awarded with visa so as to save them their time, money and peace of mind.
  1. After our experts given recommendations are fulfilled and we establish that the situation for the candidate to obtain the visa is ideal, we embark on helping the client get an invitation from Canada. This is itself is crucial while applying for the visa and can be a deciding factor on whether you get the visa or not. We select the most appropriate invitation to Canada that correlates to his/her work industry. For more information on getting an invitation from Canada read here.

After the relevant invitation is selected and sent out to the client, we help them in the filling out of the visa application forms. We give recommendations on how to go about preparing the full set of documents needed by the Canadian consulate during the visa application processing. Our professionals then compose a motivational letter that is handed in together with all the prepared documents to the Canadian consulate.

  1. After all the application forms are filled in, all documents prepared, a motivation letter written and then an invitation from Canada ready, we open an online cabinet in the Canadian visa system, pay the consular fee and send an online application for the Canadian visa.
  1. When visa is successfully issued, we happily bade good bye to our clients and wish them a good time in Canada, however, in cases where visa is declined, we get back to work to analyze what went wrong and re-strategize on how to help the client.
  1. In the case of visa denial, we request for CAIPS from the Canadian consulate. These are unique notes internally used by the Canadian embassy employees whereby they note down all their thoughts and suspicions while processing the Canadian visas applications. The request for CAIPS is made by a Canadian lawyer after authorization for our client. After getting the CAIPS, we examine in detail the real reasons for denial and give recommendations on how to go about remedying the situation.
  1. After all this, we once again help our clients collect all the necessary documents needed for the next application attempt. We then again help to fill in the visa application forms, open online cabinets for respective clients in the Canadian visa system, as well as pay the required consular fees. Then we finally apply for the visas the second time. In the majority of cases, the second attempt is always successful.

In other words, we work with the client till the moment the Canadian visa is obtained and help him/her through all the stages of the process.