Travel history while applying for a Canadian visa

It is advisable to have a visa history while applying for a Canadian visa. This is because it shows the Canadian embassy that the given applicant is already accustomed to travel abroad and therefore is more likely to go back home after their visa term expires. I.e. they have no immigration intentions whatsoever.  A visa history is therefore among the entities checked by immigration officers as they process visa applications. It’s checked alongside the applicants’ family ties and financial situations in their native country.

Our experts in visa application processes recommend that all applicants should provide both their present and past foreign passports that they have previously used to travel abroad while applying for the Canadian visa. Please note that you should provide them even if they are already out of date as past trips abroad will look good in the eyes of immigration officers especially if they are to financially developed countries.

An applicant with no visa history should however not have to worry. Our experts are here to show you how to work around this. For such an applicant, we recommend that they create such a history by applying for a Polish or Latvian visa which incidentally are not difficult to get. Making trips to these countries will create a good visa history. Even if the applicant made only one trip, it would positively influence the decision of the Canadian consulate. Of course the more the trips the better.

Some of our clients who have successfully implemented this to get the Canadian visa have done the following:

  1. i) When they had no visa history, they applied and got a Polish visa. They then made a trip to Poland according to their respective visa dates.
  2. ii) After the successful use of the Polish visa, they applied for a German, French or Spanish one. Getting a second European visa this time round was not difficult as they already had a Polish one.

iii) After applying for the French visa, for instance, it is advisable to give them a timeline to work with such as say for example you are going to France in 3 months and thus you are more likely to get the visa in only 3 months.

  1. iv) You can now apply for a Canadian visa and indicate that you are going to Canada in a month. Note that; for best results, it is good to apply for it just after you get the French visa so that the Canadian visa officer can translate this to mean that you will definitely come back from Canada as you have another scheduled trip to France.

Such ways of creating visa history have a positive effect on Canadian visa application processing in combination with other measures that we have previously discussed in this site.