Benefits from property and business ownership

This is an area where one should tread very carefully. It is advisable to be especially cautious when providing realty possession documents to the Canadian consulate. This is because realty in possession does not guarantee an applicant’s intention of coming back home after their respective visa term is over. Revealing too much information on your realty documents can also draw unnecessary suspicions that you are maybe trying to gain the system by trying to portray yourself as an ideal person to be awarded visa.

It is highly recommended that your visa application is devoid of any big highlights that draw unnecessary attention to the applicant as they may end up painting a bad image of the said applicant and ultimately lead to his/her visa rejection. Talk of shooting yourself in the leg. Just stick to the necessary employment history, bank account transactions, family ties as well as a good visa history if you happen to have one. Providing to the consulate information about all your properties is superfluous and can only draw unnecessary suspicions. In essence, documents about your realty possessions should only be provided as a last resort if you have nothing else to improve on the situation. In such a case, we highly recommend that you contact us first so that we can carefully examine the situation and ultimately help you make the right decision that will guarantee visa.