Family as a guarantee for a Canadian visa obtainment

Family ties are a good way to show commitment to come back home after travelling to Canada. Having a husband/wife and children is especially helpful while presenting your case to the Canadian consulate.

There are cases where applicants are not yet married as at the time of visa application yet they co-habit with their girl/boyfriend. It is advisable to state in the marital section that you are under a common law union. This is mainly because Canada accepts common law relationships while processing applications. This in turn creates family ties for you as the applicant. It is also highly recommended to provide your given spouse’s passport copies, photos of the two of you together as well as their employment record books. This comes across as more genuine.

A case whereby you are only going to Canada alone and leaving your spouse behind looks convincing enough that you will come back due to the given ties that already exist. However, an exception to this is when travelling to Canada as a tourist. A tourist trip to Canada without your spouse might draw suspicions in the consulate. In such a case, it is recommended to apply for the Canadian visa together even though your spouse is not planning to go ahead with the trip. A couple that has children can also showcase the children as a guarantee that they will come back home. On the same note, including visa applications for your family members while travelling abroad for a business conference may come out in bad light. It’s all about doing due diligence. We invite you to contact us for advice on what to do in your own unique case.

Summarizing all the above about the family as a guarantee of your return from Canada:

  • We recommend those going to Canada for tourism to apply with their spouse even if he/she won’t go to Canada for the given time. Please try not to include children in your visa application.
  • For those going to take part in a business conference or exhibition or to study English in Canada, we recommend that you apply alone (i.e. without your spouse or children).