Documents needed for a Canadian visa

To qualify for a Canadian visa, an applicant has to show sufficient ties with their home country and demonstrate fully that they will be willing to go back to their home country once their visa term is over. An added advantage would be to have persuasive reasons for visiting Canada. These are some of the things immigration officers look out for while processing visa applications.

In this section we will discuss which documents one should prepare while applying for a Canadian visa, we will discuss every document separately and we will see how it influences your likelihood of getting visa.

(i) An invitation from Canada

Let’s begin with getting an invitation from Canada. An invitation from Canada is very important while applying for visa. An invitation can for instance come from a business conference, exhibition, a college and many more. The inviting party is usually perceived as interested in your attendance which reflects in your favor as immigration officers process your application. This is in part due to the fact that your attendance to a business conference or exhibition for instance favors the progress of the Canadian business environment which is in the best interests of the government. An invitation from a college is also in the good books of the immigration officers since the applicant pays tuition fees to the college that in turn pay taxes to the Canadian government. Getting an invitation from Canada can therefore be seen as a win-win situation.

Trying to apply for visa without an invitation can seem to be a long shot as it will be hard to convince immigration officers of your reasons to visit the country no matter how noble your intentions. Even if you were to show them your hotel bookings and all, it will still not hold water since bookings can be cancelled and money refunded. It is for these reasons why applying for visa as a tourist should be used only as a last resort.

(ii) A reference from your workplace is one of the main documents when you are going to apply for a Canadian visa.

For starters, please make sure that you fill in a working telephone number. Also ensure that you notify the one in charge of answering that number of the impending call so that they are prepared and respond with nothing but the right answers when the time comes.

There have been numerous cases whereby the telephone numbers given had fallen out of service and it was therefore impossible for the immigration officers to contact your workplace. In other cases the phone is working but the person at the other end of the line had not been notified beforehand and therefore cannot say anything in your favor. The above cases obviously reflect badly in your case and may be one of the reasons for your visa application rejection since your information cannot be confirmed.

Your job reference letter is a fully detailed document outlining information about your job position, the number of years you have worked at respective companies and your salary plus any allowances you may be getting. It is also good practice to describe your duties explicitly.

Of importance to note is that the duties you describe should correlate with what you are going to Canada to do. If for instance you are visiting a conference or exhibition, state relevant job duties that match what will be in showcase in Canada. If you are going to Canada to learn English then your workplace duties should demonstrate a need to learn English.

We at “Visa to Canada” are actively involved in helping our clients draft the job reference letter while applying for the Canadian visa so as to maximize your chances of your application being approved.

(iii)The Employment Record book is very important as you prepare documents for a Canadian visa application.

The Employment Record book is used as proof that you are actually employed. Note that employment consistency is of particular importance to the Canadian embassy as they analyze your application. Sudden shift in jobs at the last minute raise suspicions that may make your application flagged.

If for instance you worked as a welder previously and then suddenly became a manager at some company prior to applying for the visa, you will draw unnecessary attention. This in itself can be used as sufficient grounds for your application being revoked.

The reason why some applicants engage in this practise is to try to portray a successful life since they themselves look down on their previous careers such as welding in this case. Please not that whether you falsified your records or became a real manager at a friend’s company for example, you will definitely draw suspicions from the embassy.

Ten years experience, for instance, working as a welder looks more realistic and believable in the eyes of immigration officers compared to a few months as a manager. They would therefore consider you more seriously if you maintained your profession no matter how low you think of it. Coincidentally, welding as seen in our example above is actually a respected profession in Canada.

Furthermore, changing careers suddenly just before you apply for the visa also denies you the opportunity to provide full information about your career. This is because in the case of applying as a manager, the applicant can only provide a reference letter from their respective job and a bank account statement. If they told the truth, they would have been able to provide more information such as an employment record book, a tax return form, and an inquiry that shows transfers for several months instead of just giving a bank account statement. All these facts and documents will definitely give the immigration officer more reasons to believe the applicant as they now look more legitimate believable.

(iv)Money account information

The applicant should have their bank account statements ready while applying for visa. Running an active bank account can also be used to show sufficient ties with the home country. An added advantage that can present you as a legitimate applicant is to have an inquiry into your financial operations for a period not less than the last 3 months. This makes you come out as more trustworthy since a bank account can be loaded with borrowed money to impress the immigration officers. The inquiry on the other hand shows your income and withdrawals which are more consistent.

On the same note, such an inquiry can also be used as proof of employment since the account operations inquiry shows your whole remuneration package and if it tallies with your earlier inquiry into your job then it is one more proof of your legitimacy.

(v) It is also recommended to avail your past foreign passports while applying for a Canadian visa.

Past foreign passports serve to show that you are actually not new to travelling and therefore this trip to Canada is not a one-off thing. Please avail them even if they are expired as they will contribute immensely in the final decision made by the immigration officers.

The logic behind this is simple. If the applicant has traveled outside their country in the past, then they are more likely to come back home even after going to Canada as they seem to be already well versed with travels. It is an added advantage if you have traveled abroad earlier on to developed countries. This shows that you are already accustomed to the developed countries even as you now travel to Canada. This is why these passports should be provided even if they are already over due. They will go a long way in convincing the immigration officers to award you the Canadian visa.

If you happen not have any such passports travelling abroad, we recommend creating such a history by applying for a Polish or Lithuanian visa, which incidentally are not hard to get. Once you have successfully got the Polish or Lithuanian visa, make trips to these countries as your passports dictate. Note that even going on only one trip can have a positive influence in getting your Canadian visa. Of course making several trips is better.

(vi)Marriage certificate and Children birth certificates are also important documents for Canadian visa application.

If you have a husband or wife who is not going to Canada with you, then it’s more evident that you will come back. The Canadian embassy can therefore see you have reason to come back home. For more information on this please visit the appropriate page of our site.

(vii) You don’t need to provide documents about realty possession while applying for a Canadian visa.

As much as you are trying to prove that you have sufficient ties with your home country, please do not go overboard with it. Provide only the very necessary documents as outlined in the appropriate page of our site.

We have herein discussed the main documents needed by the immigration officers while applying for visa. Following the tips in this site will surely help you secure a Canadian visa. Please not that every situation is fairly unique according to a given individual. We therefore advice making tailor made decisions according to the situation and the involved applicant.

We have gained vast experience providing our expertise to numerous clients in the Canadian visa application process. The said clients have then gone ahead and successfully applied and secured their visas. We are always open to lend a helping hand to others as we are keen to see you succeed.

All our services are described in detail in this site. Contact us today and secure a Canadian visa.