Business Invitation from Canada

A business invitation from Canada is ideal for a candidate who runs a business or a manager at a given company. This is because a business visit to an exhibition or business conference resonates well with their respective day to day operations. On the same note, numerous business conferences and exhibitions are annually held in Canada whereby a lot of businessmen from all over the world attend. An application for a Canadian visa for the purpose of attending a given business conference or visiting some exhibition looks good in the books of immigration officers and does not draw unnecessary suspicion.

It is however important to note that a business invitation from Canada is only appropriate for businessmen, managers or directors of companies. It may not exactly apply to you if you are in a different profession. Usually, to get a business invitation from Canada, it is necessary to pay a set registration fee. The average fee for conference participation is about $1000 – $2000 which is non–refundable. This means that if one doesn’t successfully secure visa then they lose the money. It is therefore critical to be sure that you will secure the Canadian visa before committing your money to the business conference.

In addition, if you can’t speak English then you are required to order for the services of an interpreter who will accompany you throughout the whole business conference or exhibition. In this case, booking of interpreter services sets you back $100 – $200 which is also non–refundable.

At “Visa to Canada”, we offer our esteemed clients a business invitation to Canada at a significantly lower price.

Our price for a business invitation to Canada is 790 USD which is inclusive of attending a conference or exhibition, arranging for interpreter services, for those not conversant in English, for the whole period of your business stay. With the above price you also get a hotel booked for you at a convenient location in close proximity to your business conference or exhibition. We also arrange for shuttle services to and fro the airport once you arrive. On top of that, we ensure that we find a conference or exhibition that best matches your type of business or job to maximize your chances of getting the visa.

By having all these arrangements set for you, you come out as a responsible applicant which in turn positively influences the opinion of the immigration officers at the consulate while processing your Canadian visa application.

As a bonus, after a business invitation from Canada is received, we help you prepare the set of documents needed while applying for the Canadian visa so that you can maximize your chances of getting it.