Filling in the application for a Canadian visa

Application for visitor visa (Temporary resident visa)

If you are visiting Canada for the purpose of taking part in a conference, visiting relatives, or for the English language course for a period of less than 6 months, the Temporary resident visa is issued.

The application for this visa consists of 2 forms.

The first form of the Application for visitor visa (Temporary resident visa)


This very form will be discussed in the following section.

Section 1 – “UCI”

UCI is a number unique to the applicant in the Canadian immigration system. It does not change if you apply for visa for the second time, if you ask for visa prolongation, or if you apply for another visa type. When applying for a Canadian visa for the first time the applicant is not yet assigned such a number and so they don’t need to fill in this section.

Section 2 – “I want service in”

This is the section where the applicant chooses their preferred language that they will use in their ensuing communication with the Canadian consulate. The applicant can only choose between the English and French languages as those are the official languages of communication in Canada.

Section 3 – “Visa requested”

There are two types of visa to choose from. There is the Temporary resident visa and the Transit visa. In our case we will be mostly dealing with the Temporary resident visa as the client would most probably like to reside in the country for a given period of time.

Answering the question personal details while filling in a Canadian visa application form

Section 1 “Family name”, “Given name”

Fill in the Last and First name as stated in your foreign passport in English.

Section 2 “Have you ever used any other names”

In this section, it is advisable to fill in your respective patronymic name. What we mean is that in the section Last name, write your given last name while in the section Name, fill in your first and patronymic name.

Section 3 “Sex”

Please fill in your appropriate sex i.e. Male or Female.

Section 4 “Date of birth”

Please fill in your Date of Birth Year, Month, Day respectively.

Section 5 “Place of birth”

Please fill in your city and country of birth. If for instance you were born the village Ivanovka, the district Ivanteevsky which is in the Ivanovskaya region in Russia then just fill in your place of birth as Ivanovka, Russia.

Section 6 “Citizenship”

State your citizenship. If for instance you have dual citizenship, then fill in the one that will be officially recognized as you travel to Canada.

Section 7 “Current country of residence”

State the country that you are currently residing in. Please don’t forget to fill in your status in the given country as well as the duration of time during which you have lived in the country. If for instance you were born in the said country then you should fill in your date of birth followed by the date when you fill in the visa application form while stating your duration of stay.

Section 8 “Previous country of residence”

This is the section where you state whether you have previously lived in another country. Please note that you must have stayed there for more than 6 months during the last 5 years for it to be noteworthy. You should also not forget to state the dates in which you resided there as well as your given status while there.

Section 9 “Country where applying”

Fill in the country from where you are filling in the visa application form. Please note that there may be cases whereby you apply in one country just before moving to another for instance to visit. You should indicate in this section the name of the country that you will be in when the answer to your visa application comes by. This is to ensure that you do not miss it.

Section 10 “Marital status”

One should fill in their marital status in this section i.e. whether they are married or single. Please note that if you are not married but live with your girl/boyfriend then it is advisable to fill in your status as common-law. Common-law is a recognized union in Canada and this goes on to show your ties back home which in turn will positively reflect you during your visa application scrutiny.

Please remember to indicate the marriage date, in the case of married couples while those filling in as common-law should state the date that they started to co-habit. Filling in the First and Last names of your spouse or boy/girlfriend is also a plus on your side that goes on to prove your details.


Section 11 “Have you been previously married”

Please indicate whether you have been married before and fill in the First and Last names of your former spouse(s) and state the type of relationship you had. For example state whether it was a marriage or common-law.

Answering to the languages section when filling in a Canadian visa application form.

Section 1 “Native language”

This is the section where you indicate your respective native language. You also have a chance to indicate what language you are comfortable conversing with the Canadian consulate with. Please note that there are only two official languages in Canada, English and French and so you have to choose between the two while choosing your preferred language while to communicate with the consulate.

Answering the Passport section while filling in a Canadian visa application form

Section 1 “Passport number”

Fill in the number of the foreign passport.

Section 2 “Country issue”

Fill in the name of the country where your passport was issued.

Section 3 “Issue date”

Fill in the date when the passport was issued. Pay attention to dates order. Year/Month/Day.

Section 4 “Expiry date”

Fill in the Date when your passport expires. Pay attention to dates order. Year/Month/Day.

Answering the Contact information section when filling in a Canadian visa application form

Section 1 “Current mailing address”

Please fill in your preferred mailing address. You can choose any convenient address so long as you have access to it and can therefore receive your documents through it.

Section 2 “Residential address”

Fill in your actual residential address that you are currently residing in while applying for the Canadian visa. Please avoid stating your earlier registration address if it is different from your actual address. If for instance you are registered in Samara but actually work and live in Moscow then you should fill in Moscow as your residential address. This is advised so as to avoid drawing unnecessary suspicions as the immigration officers process your visa application forms.

Section 3 “Telephone”

Fill in an actual telephone number that is currently in use.

Section 4 “Alternate telephone”

It is advisable to provide an additional telephone number. It is even better to give your workplace phone number as this confirms once more that your said job is real.

Section 5 “Fax”

Fill in your Fax information. Note that If you don’t have a fax then you can just skip this section.

Section 6 “E-mail”

Fill in your valid e-mail address. Please note that you should avoid filling in an overly used e-mail address such as one that you have used to apply for jobs abroad or used them in websites that provide information on how to immigrate to Canada. This is because immigration officers can easily sniff this out with a simple Google search which will in turn make them suspicious of your intentions to travel to Canada.

Answering the Details of visit to Canada section when filling in a Canadian visa application form

Section 1 “Purpose of visit”

This is a very important question in itself and has been explicitly discussed in this site separately so as to exhaustively analyze it from all angles. We suggest that you go through it in the appropriate page of our site.

Section 2 “Indicate how long”

This is another very important question that is also critical to your getting the Canadian visa or not. It has therefore been discussed separately in its section in this site so as to give it as much attention as possible. Please visit the appropriate page of this site to go through it.

Section 3 “Funds available’

This is the section where one fills in the amount of money they have set aside for the trip to Canada. It is advisable to fill in relevant amounts that reasonably tally with your days of visit. Indicate the approximate amount you have for your general travel expenses as well as related booking fees for the entire period of the trip.

Section 4 “Name, address and relationship of the person (institution) I will visit”

Provide the information of the person or institution that will be hosting you during your stay in Canada. If for instance you are visiting a relative then fill in their name, address and phone numbers. If in your case you are travelling as a tourist then fill in the name of the hotel that you will be residing in, its address and contact numbers. If you are visiting a college, then fill in the relevant college details and their given contacts. Please note that on the section relationship; just fill in the respective institution or organization’s name.


Answering the Education section when filling in a Canadian visa application form

Have you had post secondary education?

Did you study at a College or at a University?

Field of study – The field of study.

School – The name of the school you studied in.

City – The city where you studied.

Country – The country where you studied.

Dates – Dates when you began and finished your studies.

Answering the Employment section when filling in a Canadian visa application form

Job, employment – Your current workplace information.

Current activity – Your specialization at your current job. There is a lot of information to take into account and so it should be discussed separately. We recommend that you visit the appropriate pages of our site to get well acquainted.

Company name – The company name.

City – The city where you work.

Country – The country of residence.

Dates – The dates when you began and finished working at your respective workplace. In case you are still working there, just fill in the date of filling of the application form.

Answering the Background information section when filling in a Canadian visa application form

In this section, it is highly advisable to choose the answer NO for all the forthcoming questions. This is because answering Yes to any of the questions here guarantees your visa application rejection.  It is also good to note that if you were ever previously denied another visa then it does not necessarily mean that you will be denied the Canadian visa. The Canadian consulate does not have information databases of other European countries visa applications. On the contrary though, both the Canadian and American embassies visa databases are consolidated and so denial of visa in one of them reflects in the other.

Section 1

  1. Have you ever suffered tuberculosis – Yes – No
  2. Do you have any physical or mental disabilities that need medical care – Yes – No

If you answered yes to any of previous questions, please provide details.

Section 2

  1. Have you ever stayed or studied in Canada without permission (status) – Yes – No
  2. Have you ever been denied visa to Canada or any other country – Yes – No
  3. Have you applied for visa to Canada before – Yes – No

If you answered yes to any of the previous questions then provide details.

Section 3

  1. Have you ever committed, been arrested for or been convicted of any criminal offence – Yes – No

If you answered yes, please provide details.

Section 4

  1. Have you ever served in the army or as police – Yes – No

If you answered yes, please provide details.

Section 5

  1. Have you ever been a member of any political party, social group or organization which has engaged in or advocated for violence as a measure of achieving a political or religious objective or which has been associated with any criminal activity at any time – Yes – No

Section 6

  1. Have you ever taken part or witnessed tortures or religious buildings desecration – Yes – No