An invitation from a Canadian college

An invitation from a Canadian college is usually very popular since it is the easiest way of getting visa to Canada. On the same note however, it is important to note that you only use an invitation from a Canadian college if you can definitely prove to the embassy that you need to learn the English language.

For instance, you might need to improve on your English so as to become more productive at your job. In this case, it is advisable to get a letter from your employer in which they categorically state that you need to actively converse in English while working hence the need to perfect it. Your employer should also state that they are ready to send you to Canada to learn English while preserving your respective workspace for you to resume to once you are done with your studies. Having such a letter in your possession increases your chances of getting visa.

The next step is to now choose a relevant college from which to get an invitation from. Please note the time and duration of your invite since an invitation from a Canadian college for one week for instance will definitely look wanting in the eyes of the immigration officer. The logic is simple, it’s impossible to learn anything meaningful in one week.

You will be surprised how many people make this mistake while trying to spend less money on tuition fees as they are a requirement before getting an invitation from a Canadian college. This will instead get you flagged. It’s advisable to choose a period of study of not less than 2 months and preferably more than 4 months while capped at 6 months of course. This now looks genuine and logical especially when coupled with your employer letter.

If for instance you choose to get invitation from a Canadian college for 4 months, it’s necessary to pay for the whole period of study as stated above. Tuition fees average $1500 per month in Canada and therefore in this case you will have to pay about $6000 for tuition. There is also an administrative fee of about $200 included. On top of that, you need a letter of confirmation that you have secured some accommodation. This can equal about $1600 in our case here. In total, you need about $7800 for all the above before you are set to now apply for the visa.

Keep in mind that if for some reason you are denied the visa, the given college will refund your money less the $200 administrative fee plus $100 refund processing fee. The renter of your booked accommodation will refund your money only if you let them know of your cancellation plans 30 days beforehand. In some cases, the renter only refunds half the amount, about $800 and so you stand to lose u to $1100 in total if you go through it all alone.

At “Visa to Canada” we offer our clients an invitation from a Canadian college for only 590 dollars. This sum is inclusive of college registration payment and also booking and payment for your accommodation. In the unexpected case of visa denial, we refund the tuition fees from the college and accommodation fee ourselves saving our clients all the hustle involved asking for the refunds.

On the other hand, if the visa application is successful, the client is expected to pay us the money we used in paying for both tuition and accommodation fees. Please note that clients are free to choose their college and accommodation of choice should they deem it fit. The client is therefore at their own liberty to choose their own preferences as we are just facilitators.

What does the client get for the $590?

The client gets the full package necessary to apply for visa which would have cost them about $7800 had they gone about it themselves. i.e.

  • An invitation from a Canadian college for about 4 months duration;
  • A rent contract for accommodation in Canada.

These documents are enough for applying for a Canadian visa.

You can therefore see the benefits of working through us.