A job inquiry while applying for a Canadian visa

A job and bank inquiry show your financial situation while applying for a Canadian visa

To successfully obtain a Canadian visa, it is advisable to have your employment history records and financial statements in check. A job inquiry proves that you actually have a job. It also shows your work history that can be checked out by the immigration officers. It is advisable to utilize this to your advantage so as to present yourself as someone capable of making commitments to come back home after their visa term has expired.

Most applicants however do not get this and end up trying to gain the system which blows up in their faces denying them a chance to travel to Canada. We have encountered numerous cases where visa applications were rejected and upon further analysis on what went wrong, we discovered that the applicants had falsified employment histories hoping to help themselves get the Canadian visa. In some cases, they went as far as providing fictitious job inquiries if only to fast forward their visa issuance or so they thought.

A fictitious job inquiry and why do applicants do this?

Some applicants perceive lowly of their own jobs. They think that the Canadian consulate will also look down upon them and therefore try to better the situation by posing as more successful individuals. This however doesn’t always go as planned and thus the visa application rejection. For instance, there are applicants who have been welders for the longest time, e.g. 10 years, but will try to be managers or directors for example in their friends’ companies for several months before applying for the visa.

What they fail to understand is that the sudden shift to a manager draws suspicions and looks irregular. They don’t know that a 10 year experience in a welding career for instance looks better in the eyes of immigration officers compared to several months as a manager of some company. The 10 year experience looks stable and such an applicant seems to know what they are doing and can therefore be trusted to come back home after their visa term expires.

The said applicant also deprives themselves of the opportunity to give full information about their job and duties. This is because in the case of applying as a manager, they could only provide a reference letter from their workplace and a reference from the bank that they have money. Whereas in the case where he/she was telling the truth, they would have been able to provide an employment record book, a tax form, and not just a reference from the bank but also a letter about money transfers for several months. All these facts and documents would definitely give the visa officer more reasons to believe and trust the applicant. The said applicant should have therefore just played a fair game and provided true information on their job inquiry and thus ultimately get awarded the visa application.

Summarizing the above:

  1. Try to provide true information about your job even if you don’t consider your profession attractive.
  2. Provide a copy of your employment record book notarised by the personnel department at your company.
  3. Holding onto employment for substantial periods of time looks more consistent and increases your chances of being awarded visa.
  4. Provide a tax return inquiry where your job is listed.
  5. Provide an inquiry from the bank where your financial operations for the last 3 or more months can be analyzed instead of getting an ordinary bank account statement.

Please note that, if you are not able to meet these requirements and provide a job inquiry while applying for a Canadian visa, then contact us and our specialists will advise you on how to go about your situation in order to get visa to Canada.