Canadian visa online application

Canadian visa type V-1 (visitor) gives applicants permission to stay in Canada for up to 6 months. With this visa type, one can also study languages for a duration of not more than 6 months. If the period of study is more than 6 months, one should obtain a student visa. It is not permitted to work in Canada with a V-1 visa.

It is possible to apply for a Canadian visa online as in most cases the consulate doesn’t interview the applicants and does not ask for fingerprints.

Visiting Canada with a business invitation.

What is the best kind of invitation to Canada?

To get a Canadian visa you need to indicate your purpose of travel. The clearer it is, the greater your chances of getting visa.

Visit to Canada with a business invitation to take part in a business conference or exhibition

A lot of business exhibitions and conferences take place in Canada annually. Taking part in any one of them is a sufficient reason to visit Canada. The main thing to note is that one should take care to participate in conferences or exhibitions that correlate to your work, for instance a sales manager can participate in an exhibition. They are likely to meet new clients, make useful acquaintances as well as introduce new products to the Canadian market. All this looks fairly normal in the eyes of immigration officers and will therefore not raise any suspicions.

It is important to note that if you are a Non-English speaker then it’s advisable to arrange for an interpreter with whom you will work with during the entire trip. This also helps build credibility on your reputation as your visa application is being processed. Please confirm all your arrangements with appropriate papers that should be supplied to the consulate. The arrangements include the interpreter, hotel bookings and medical insurance.

Don’t forget to provide the consulate with a motivation letter clearly describing in detail the purpose of your visit to Canada, what you are going to do there, how both you and the Canadian people or government can benefit from your participation in the conference.

If you need any help in getting a business invitation from Canada or help with the application form, contact us and our group of Canadian experts will be glad to help you.

All our experts are Canadian high class specialists residing in Canada. They will help you avoid visa application rejections and hence your visa application will most probably be approved if you present the purpose of your trip – visit to Canada by a business invitation – and if you provide all the appropriate documents in support to your visa application and last but not least show sufficient ties with your home country.